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Life Before Genesis

A Conclusion


David H. Turner and David H. Turner

Turner's 'conclusion' is that the Australian Aborigines, having transcended the problem of incorporation and technology at a Stone Age level of development, achieved what eludes 'modern' society – peace, order and good government. The analysis is based on a comparison of Australian and Canadian aboriginal society and mythology following more than a decade of ethnographic work, numerous publications on the subject and a theoretical insight into the nature of the human condition. In reading his research findings and his insight into the Book of Genesis, Turner finds that he has gone some way to shattering the silence of the text. What emerges is a Prologue to the Judeo-Christian tradition which also hints at its Conclusion.
Contents: A distinction is drawn between 'incorporative' and 'confederative' historical traditions based on an analysis of Australian and Canadian aboriginal societies. The theoretical articulation of the traditions illuminates the book of Genesis.