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In the Ways of Justice Toward Salvation

A Rhetorical Analysis of Isaiah 56-59


Conception Abbey

The rediscovery of the importance of literary style and art in biblical writings has encouraged the application of new exegetical methods; among these is rhetorical criticism.
Noted biblical critics in the past have looked upon Isaiah 56-59 as a melange of poems with little structural organization or unity of thought.
Gregory Polan, however, demonstrates that appreciation of poetic style and technique leads to greater understanding of the biblical text; and, by examining recurring motifs and themes, he highlights the unity of these Isaian poems. This is rhetorical criticism at work.
In the Ways of Justice Toward Salvation follows the trend established by renewed interest in the rhetoric of Hebrew poetry.
Contents: Chapter One, Recent pioneering efforts in rhetorical criticism, trends in Isaian interpretation, method of analysis for Isaiah 56-59 – Chapters Two through Five, Verse-by-verse analysis of texts – Chapter Six, Summary of rhetorical devices, thematic structure, and development of motifs.