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Emancipation in African Theology

An Inquiry on the Relevance of Latin American Liberation Theology to Africa


Victor F. Wan-Tatah

The book considers methodological, theological and philosophical implications of an African liberation theology. The affirmation of the need for African theology which resembles that of Latin America by the conference of Third World Theologians some ten years ago in Ghana, failed to identify certain cultural and historical differences that make Africa unique.
Dr. Wan-Tatah insists that African theologians must be critical of concepts and assumptions that undermine an authentic African theology of emancipation. Emancipation here merely begins with Western lambasting, followed by a thorough-going evaluation of African ecclesiastical and political systems.
Contents: If Christianity arrived in Africa as a substitute for slavery and slave trade, its validity and meaning must be measured in terms of total emancipation. A critical study of Western missions and African culture traces seeds of authentic African theology in the challenge of refugees.
The book provides a comprehensive inquiry on authentic African liberation theology, and rare critical insight on Western Missions and Latin American Theology.