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Twentieth-Century Culture

Modernism to Deconstruction

Norman F. Cantor

«In Twentieth-Century Culture, Norman Cantor has undertaken the formidable task of explaining, separately, and in their interaction, the major intellectual and cultural movements of our era. To this courageous enterprise Cantor brings extraordinary intelligence, wit, and passion. It will be a rare reader who does not disagree - even disagree vehemently - with some of Cantor's strong opinions, and an even rarer one who does not come away from this book instructed, stimulated, and enlightened.» (Robert W. Hanning, Columbia University)
Contents: The nineteenth-century foundations of twentieth-century culture - Modernism - «Psychoanalysis» - «Marxism and the Left» - «Traditions on the Right» - «Structuralism, Deconstruction and Post-Modernism» - «Cultural Analysis through Film».