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Hitler's Nazi State

The Years of Dictatorial Rule (1934-1945)


Otis C. Mitchell

This work is a sequel to the author's Hitler Over Germany (published in 1983). In that earlier work, the author produced an account of the development of Nazism up to 1934 aimed at a general audience. Hitler's Nazi State was written with a similar goal in mind, exept that the rest of Nazi history after 1934 has provided the subject for consideration. This book is an attempt to provide a corrective of those works that see the Nazi state as more monolithic than it actually was, an attempt to show that it was something a bit more complex than simply a system peopled by the robotic and ever-faithful walking in lock-step under the hypnotic influence of an all-powerful leader. Perhaps most importantly, this is also a study of how a regime can follow fixedly and blindly policies certain to insure its eventual self-destruction.
Contents: Hitler's rise to and consolidation of power - Hitler's prewar foreign policy - The prewar Nazi state - Nazism at war - Nazism «at the grass roots» in Germany and foreign lands - Nazism in history.