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The Children's Literature of Peter Hacks


Thomas di Napoli

The Children's Literature of Peter Hacks is the first major study of this author's substantial work for children and adolescents. Divided into two parts, with an exhaustive bibliography that includes several unpublished works, the monograph also contains numerous black-and-white illustrations.
Along with a synopsis and analysis of each major work, the first part traces Hacks' growth in the realm of children's literature over more than forty years, from his student days in Munich to the present. Part Two goes on to discuss the dramatis personae of his children's books and such central themes as education, progress through change, and mankind's quest for peace and harmony, particularly as these relate to parallel themes in his more familiar adult dramas. The study encompasses all of Hacks' extant prose, poetry, and drama for children.
Contents: Part One: Peter Hacks' development as a children's author, from the 1950s through the decade of the 80s - Part Two: Characterization and such central themes as education, human progress, and man's quest for peace are treated.