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Socio-Ethical Issues in Nigeria

Nwachukwuike S.S. Iwe

In this book, Dr. Iwe has critically but constructively discussed such social issues as: leadership deficiencies and failures, civic maturity and biblical ethics, corruption, selfism and the nature of man, education and social values, the concept of Authority and social development, crime and penal responsibility, the spirit of Igbo culture and the constitutional future of Nigeria. Each discussion is matched with suggestions of remedy. In this work Dr. Iwe has demonstrated a thorough grasp of the topics discussed, especially as they relate to the social, ethical and political climate of Nigeria.
Contents: A survey of the Social Problems - Moral-Civic Education - Man the Architect of Social Ills and the Nigerian Democracy - The Concept of Authority - Capital Punishment - Presidential Democracy - The Nature and Legitimacy of Punishment - The Personality of the Priest - The Domestic Society, etc.