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Stung by Salt and War

Creative Texts of the Italian Avant-Gardist F.T. Marinetti


The writings of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1876-1944) comprise not only the manifestos of the Futurist Movement, which he himself founded, but a large variety of creative books that include epic, lyric and vers libre poetry, an «explosive» novel, words in freedom, freeword tableaux, aeropoetry and simultaneous poetry. This collection of translations is representative of Marinetti's fifty years as a writer and chronicles his entire achievement. His magisterial greatness can be identified in these early and daring avant-garde experiments in language.
Contents: Translation of creative texts of F.T. Marinetti – Pre-Futurist and Futurist contributions to the avant-garde – chapter of Martinetti's early French writing – Words in Freedom.