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Common Ground

Christianity, African Religion and Philosophy


Emmanuel K. Twesigye

Common Ground: Christianity, African Religion and Philosophy is a result of many years of research and reflection on the problem of human existence or «the human problematic» as dealt with in the philosophical-theological traditions of both Africa and the Christian West.
With the help of Karl Rahner's philosophical-theological framework, the author finds that both traditions are concerned with the same universal problems facing the human being arising out of finitude, sin and guilt. Subsequently, the author shows how in each tradition, the preoccupation of both philosophy and religion is that of soteriology and salvation. It is also shown how both traditions are concerned with how to live a Good Life, and that the Good Life is correlative with the free human obedience to God as the Holy Creator and perfect fulfillment of all obedient human beings, everywhere.

«Since one of the principal roles of theology is to provide cognitive coherence between Christianity and the diverse streams that form thinking in contemporary society, this is a significant work in the development of African theology.» (M.F.C. Bourdillon, The Heythrop Journal A/c)