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Major Figures of Contemporary Austrian Literature

Edited by Donald G. Daviau

Donald G. Daviau

The purpose of this volume is to help make the major figures of the contemporary generation of writers in Austria accessible to an English-speaking audience. The fifteen essays cover the life and works of fifteen authors-Aichinger, Artmann, Bauer, Bernhard, Canetti, Ebner, Fried, Frischmuth, Handke, Innerhofer, Jandl, Jonke, Mayröcker, Roth, and Turrini-with each essay written by a specialist. The contributions are designed to be clear and informative for readers with no background in Austrian or German literature, while at the same time sufficiently analytical to make them useful even to specialists in the field. The book should appeal to general readers as well as to students and scholars working in the area of Austrian and German literature or in English and Comparative Literature.
Contents: The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the life and works of fifteen of the major contemporary Austrian writers with an introduction providing the historical perspective in which to set them.