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Lion Feuchtwanger's «Erfolg»

A «Großstadt» Novel


Judith Wessler

Lion Feuchtwanger deals with the complexities of the Großstadt and modern society in his novel Erfolg. He portrays the post-World War I problems in Germany of revolution, civil war, inflation, and unemployment and accurately depicts the attraction of the Munich populace to Hitler, leading to the Hitler putsch of 1923. Hereby he achieves a collective representation of the Großstadt Munich and modern life in all its technical vitality. Feuchtwanger offers no solution to the complex problems of the Großstadt except to counsel reason instead of simplistic accusations against the Jews, socialists, communists and the Judenregierung in Berlin.
Contents: The «Großstadt»Novel - The Authenticity of Feuchtwanger's Erfolg - The «Großstadt» Munich in Erfolg - Erfolg's Reception in 1930/31 - Critical Evaluations of Erfolg.