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Reason and the Radical Crisis of Faith


Shabbir Akhtar

Is belief in the Christian God intellectually defensible? Is it even morally necessary? In this book, Dr. Shabbir Akhtar, himself a Muslim, examines and rejects one fideist and two reductionist defences of the rationality of Christian conviction in modern industrial society. He identifies another defensive position - «theological revisionism» - which has recently gained popularity with secularized Christian thinkers. Rejecting this as merely a conservative version of reductionism, he emphasizes the need for reviving the tradition of natural theology and, in doing so, a religious vision of the world.
Contents: Faith and reason - Fideism - The Christian tradition - Reductionism - Revisionism - Natural Theology - Presupposes some familiarity with philosophical reasoning - Philosophy of the Christian faith in the context of related religious rivals: Judaism and Islam.