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Gottfried Keller

Poet, Pedagogue and Humanist


Richard R. Ruppel

This book examines Gottfried Keller's oeuvre from Der Grüne Heinrich to Martin Salander in the tradition of such pedagogues and humanists as Pestalozzi and Humboldt. Under Keller's quill, writing becomes a means of self-cultivation and personal redemption, eventually becoming a conscious cultivating effort to establish and maintain certain inviolable ethics and truths by which modern man might live and thereby survive. No other study comparable in intent or scope currently exists. It is a major contribution to our understanding of Gottfried Keller and the Humanist Tradition which he furthered.
Contents: Der Grüne Heinrich: Living with the Past - From Landscape Artist to Poet - Frau Regel Amrain und ihr Jüngster: ... von den grünen Pfaden der Erinnerung nach Seldwyla - Das Fähnlein der Sieben Aufrechten: To His Countrymen - Legends of Pedagogical Inquiry - Das verlorne Lachen, Ursula: In Search of the Self - Gottfried Keller: The Later Years - Martin Salander: For Posterity.