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Authentic Metaphysics in an Age of Unreality

Leo S.J. Sweeney, William J. Carroll and John J. Furlong

In an age when appearances are often substituted for what really is, deception and falsity for honesty and truth, this metaphysics book takes things as they actually are and discovers that reality is actuality (which as subsistent is God), that philosophical knowledge in its content is caused by what is known and is objectively true. It considers goodness and beauty, human existence as individual, relational units (e.g., the family), agents and goals, chance and evil. It is in contrast with Sartrean existentialism, process philosophy, linguistic analysis, phenomenology, hermeneutics, deconstructionism.
Contents: Part One on Greek and contemporary views - Parts Two and Three on how existence has primacy in existents, knowledge and causality (efficient, final, exemplary) - Part Four on metaphysics as a valid science - Part Five on opposing contemporary developments in metaphysics.