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The Economizing Strategy

An Application and Critique


Willie L. Baber

This essay is a theoretical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of social theory as derived from neoclassical economics (i.e., the economizing strategy) and Marxism. The goal of this analysis is to move beyond the simplistic Marxism versus neoclassicism polemic. An interest in both perspectives may be based on the limitations of either paradigm. A production orientation is used as a starting point of an analysis of social change in the Caribbean, and in a small village of Martinique; the economizing strategy provides an alternative perspective.
Contents: Limitations of the Economizing Strategy - The Circum-Caribbean as a Region - Modernization in Two Perspectives - Conceptual Problem in Production Orientations.
This essays approaches the neoclassicism versus Marxism polemic as a «synthesis» in that one perspective is applied in order to raise pertinent issues that demand the alternative paradigm. This strategy differs from the typical approach to synthesis.