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Residential Treatment of Felon Drug Addicts

State Agents as Therapists


Sethard Fischer

The effort to arrest the personal and social devastation caused by drug addiction is yet groping and uncertain. New victims of the disease increase regularly. This sociological study describes and analyzes an attempt by the California Department of Corrections, supported by the federal government, to blaze a new trail in returning addicts to a drug-free life. Can a therapeutic community be effectively blended into a State correctional department? Can State agents become effective therapists? What happens when they make the attempt?
This book specifies the necessary elements of a truly therapeutic community. It describes the dynamics of an attempt at rehabilitation by correctional agents of narcotics addicts. It also presents an approach to deviance not previously found in the literature.
The book makes use of both hard and soft data as complementary elements of the same empirical reality. Most other books on the subject do not. The book provides a close-up look at the day-to-day activities of former addicts attempt to recover with the help of parole officers.