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Who's Who in Wodehouse

Daniel H. Garrison

A comprehensive prosopography or guide to the characters in the 74 novels and 234 collected stories of P.G. Wodehouse, 1881-1975. Based on Wodehouse's own descriptions of Bertie Wooster, his aunts, his valet Jeeves, the far-flung Mulliner clan, 44 members of the Drones Club in London, 70 butlers and their masters, 32 valets and their masters, a bevy of girls with tip-tilted noses and cornflower-blue eyes, the kith and kin of Blandings Castle, gangsters, movie moguls, English gentry, American millionaires--over 2100 of the funniest and best-loved characters in twentieth-century Anglo-American fiction.
Contents: A descriptive list of over 2100 characters in the fiction of P.G. Wodehouse, featuring Wodehouse's own language and point of view. Supplemented by a comprehensive list of Wodehouse titles and collections. The only full account of all Wodehouse characters from the schoolboy fiction of the early 1900's to the last Blandings novel, published posthumously in 1977.