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«The Aunchant and Famous Cittie»

David Rogers and the Chester Mystery Plays


Steven E. Hart and Margaret M. Knapp

The Aunchant and Famous Cittie is the first in-depth treatment of the seventeenth-century manuscript known as David Rogers's Breviarye, purported to be the only eyewitness account of a performance of a medieval English mystery play. While the Breviarye has been the object of considerable scholarly controversy over the past three decades, until now no one has examined the five extant manuscript versions of the Breviarye in their entirety. The Aunchant and Famous Cittie serves both as a key monograph on the nature and purpose of the Breviarye and as a ground-breaking reassessment of the uses of primary sources in theatre history research.
Contents: This book provides a description and analysis of the Breviarye's physical apperance, content, dating, relationship to Renaissance historical writing, and significance to theatre research - No other study of the Breviarye studies its entire content and the author's intent in order to place this key document in its proper historical and theatrical context.