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Political Conflicts of True and Real Interests

Black-Race and White-Ethnic Kith and Kinship Ties and Binds (Of and/or the Jesse Jackson Factor in the Democratic Race and the Republican Religious Faction)


Joseph Reed Washington Jr.

This work analyzes race/ethnic-specific Gentile and Semite rationalizations of anti-Black race values as no vice and nothing but a virtue of necessity, and examines the future power and consequences of these color/caste-class moral certainties. The author evaluates these Old/New Right realities produced by sacred and secular realists and pragmatists and promoted in the civil sector as national virtues. Beginning with governor John Winthrop and his theologian John Cotton, and ending with Ronald Reagan and his theologian Jerry Falwell, Washington explores the historic and current relevance of these two varieties of Evangelical Calvinist Moral Majority types and their relation to the conflict or competition between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, Lyndon and Andrew Johnson, and Andrew and Jesse Jackson, as the background for an in-depth examination of the Jesse Jackson presidential candidacy.
Contents: An examination of the Jesse Jackson Presidential Candidacy and Democratic race apropos Conservative, Neo-conservative, and New Right realists joining the Reagan pragmatists in promoting individual above community rights and responsibilities, color-blind morality for the ethnic minorities comprising the American majority concurrent with indiscriminate indifference to the necessarily color-conscious Black race-only minority, and the Reagan Administration's moral domestic social policy of deobligationism and constructive engagement of foreign statecraft/soulcraft.