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Toward an Aesthetic Criticism of Technology


Wolhee Choe

Toward an Aesthetic Criticism of Technology argues that technology can and should be understood and experienced aesthetically. A method for this new approach to technology, developed from aesthetic criticism, makes style a vital component of any technological artifact (as it is of any artistic artifact). Style, defined through perception, cognition, and construction, places the technological artifact within an aesthetic frame. The technological object is thus shown to initiate the aesthetic processes of imitation, transformation and reconstitution. In this aesthetic frame, a technological product can provide an integrating experience between the self and the world, by changing and refining the self's ways of seeing, thinking, and making.
Contents: The three chapters of Part - One deal with operative forms, forms as closed, open, and emergent systems. Part Two has four chapters which include «From Technique to Style,» «Processes of Stylization,» «Aesthetic Experience of Technology,» and a conclusion.