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Creative Leadership for a Global Future

Studies and Speculations


Berenice D. Bahr Bleedorn

Here is a study in the nature and needs of a new kind of leadership and followership for a new kind of world. It is a message for all whose time reality includes a vision of the future, and whose awareness of radical changes in an increasingly interconnected global society raises questions regarding its leadership. Featured in the study and speculation is a report of a research study showing perceptions of creativity as the priority talent for effective leadership in the advancing global age. Data on the degree to which priority talents for futuristic leadership are perceived to be addressed in current schooling is of particular relevance to educationists. Accompanying essays add enrichment to the concept of global, futuristic leadership.
Contents: New basis for educational planning - Data and analysis of global, futuristic leadership talents - Observations and recommendations for New Age intellect and attitude.