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Demetrios Constantine Dounis

His Method in Teaching The Violin


Chris A. Costantakos

The purpose of this book is to describe, investigate, and confirm the recognition of a violin pedagogue who was a major influence to those who studied with him, those who came in contact with those who had studied with him, and even those who came to know his printed works. His published works covering all aspects of violin technique are acclaimed as some of the most advanced and as a breakthrough in violin technique literature. All agreed that he excelled in the diagnostic area and possessed astonishing powers of observation, analysis, and application of scientific principles to problem solving in both the areas of teaching and performance. Dounis' method was based on individual prescription, was a thinking, «Socratic» approach offering an organized and unified purpose to violin technique which included the development of the mind and its observational capacities.
Contents: Dounis' educational background, teaching and experience are reviewed to determine their effects on his theory of teaching. Aspects of his theory of teaching, a review of his published works, and Dounis' contribution to the theory of teaching Violin technique and performance are included.