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Hegel's Phenomenology of the «We»


David M. Parry

Every reader of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit has puzzled over the references to the «we» and the related notion of the «for us» which occur throughout the text. Hegel claims that this «we» contributes a «way of looking at the matter» which serves as the means whereby the succession of experiences through which consciousness passes is raised to a scientific progression. Hegel's Phenomenology of the «We» is the first book-length study of the role of the «we» in Hegel's Phenomenology. It provides a comprehensive yet detailed analysis of the «we's» role in the text and contains a useful appendix documenting the occurrences of the «we» in the text.
Contents: The only book-length analysis of the role of the «we» in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. It is a careful study of the «we» throughout in course of the Phenomenology. Appendix lists occurrences of the «we» in the text.