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French and English Verbal Systems

A Descriptive and Contrastive Synthesis


Edward J. Matte

French and English Verbal Systems is an advanced reference text for students of French and a resource for specialists seeking an empirical basis for contrastive analysis and translation. Designed to correct the many misconceptions propagated by traditional grammars, while making grammar more readily understandable to students not versed in specialized terminologies and modes of analysis, this text affords new insights into the meaning of verb forms and verb moods. The introduction provides an overview of the author's approach to the study of verb moods, while the first chapter gives a clear set of distinctions and definitions of verb tenses, verb aspects and modes of verb process. Subsequent chapters explain and contrast the respective verb forms of French and English in a wide variety of contexts and highlight the similarities and differences between the two languages. For easy reference, a detailed table of contents is provided at the beginning of the book, with many cross-references strategically placed throughout the text.
Contents: This study provides a detailed and systematic analysis and comparison of French and English verbal systems.
New insights are provided into the meaning of verb forms and their usage, based on a rigorous definition of verb aspects, modes of verb process and verb moods.