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Notes of Alexander I, Emperor of Russia


Michael Klimenko

Alexander I of Russia dreamt his whole life of realizing in his Empire the great ideas of the French Revolution of Human Rights and Freedom. As autocrat Alexander intended to grant his subjects a constitution and a representative government. But being, involved his whole reign, intermittently in love-hate relations with Napoleon, then in European politics and diplomacy, he did not dare to make serious effort in his intentions. He was and remains the most mysterious ruler history has ever known. The question, whether he died in Taganrog in 1825, or somebody else was placed into his coffin, while he went on pilgrimage to expiate his burdened soul for the unwilling participation in the death of his father, lived as starets Fedor Kuzmich and died in 1864 at the age of 87, is still open. The book investigates these and many other problems of his mysterious and glorious reign. Based on original documents, the book is written in the first person.
Contents: Instead of an Epilogue: The Editor's Preface - Under the Wing of My Grandmother - Under the Wing of My Father - «Your Majesty!» - From War to Peace - Uneasy Peace - Trials and Tribulations - Triumph and Disappointments - The Congresses - The End and a New Beginning.