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Future(s) of Philosophy

The Marginal Thinking of Jacques Derrida


Gary John Percesepe

What does Jacques Derrida mean to philosophy? Is his marginalization in the philosophic community (on grounds of «lack of seriousness») itself a philosophic issue? How shall we understand Derrida's distancing of himself from the «deconstruction industry?» Does Derrida/deconstruction have a philosophical future? Asked against the background of such thinkers as de Saussure, Peirce, Nietzsche, Adorno, Mann, Habermas and Foucault, these are the insistent questions that Future(s) of Philosophy: The Marginal Thinking of Jacques Derrida raises.
Contents: Derrida and Naming - Nietzsche, Derrida, and the question of «the woman» - Derridean musings on the Mann-Adorno-Schoenberg correspondence - A new French Resistance?