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Design as Aesthetic Communication

Structuring Random-Order; Deconstruction of Formal Rationality


Asghar Talaye Minai

The book presents a theory of design as aesthetic communication which tends to bring design and specifically architecture in phase with contemporary views of the universe, society, and culture expressed by modern physics, biology, information theory, cybernetics, and current technology. It stresses the concept that within the seeming randomness of the twentieth century life there is an «order» that is more meaningful than the order imposed by formal rationality. It puts forward an alternative model for the traditional view which supposes that aesthetic judgement and design processes are linear progressions. Design is viewed here as the process resulting from attempts in communicating symbolic information.
The work delves into the nature of design as aesthetic communication as part of an encompassing system of human activity. It deals with design theory and method, which concerns environmental perception on a par with contemporary social sciences and artificial intelligence. It is targeted at a multidisciplinary audience, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. It is intended for readers in disciplines such as communication, aesthetic theory, semantics, linguistics, and social sciences, as well as for practicing design professionals.