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Intentionality - Source of Intelligibility

The Genesis of Intentionality


Prof. Ernest Joos

Throughout the work the author pursues one objective: to show that intentionality belongs to the fabric of reality, hence it is also the source of the intelligibility of this reality. As such, it has an ontological status and a causality of its own which enables it to play its role as intermediary between the knowing subject and the object of thought. This interdependence is responsible for its nature and the two-way movement expressed by intentio intellectus and intentio rei whose efficacy widens or reduces the scope of what is considered as intelligible by a philosophical doctrine.
Contents: The Genesis of Intentionality from Antiquity up to Contemporary Phenomenology.
The book addresses advanced students in philosophy and specialists interested in the problem of Intentionality. Its method is metaphysical in the sense that it endeavours to show the missing link in the arguments that use Intentionality to explain the origin of our understanding of extramental reality.