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Dichter-Helden in der DDR-Literatur der siebziger Jahre


Wolfgang Müller

Since the early seventies there has been a wave of fictional texts whose heroes and heroines are authors. This book analyzes nine texts by exploring the conflicts the Dichter-Helden face, the depicted social context, and the aesthetic qualities of the texts themselves. While the aesthetic strategies of these texts differ, they are all an expression of the frozen social relationships in the GDR and a symbolic attempt to overcome the resulting identity crisis of the individual.
The book is written in German.
Contents: This is the only book length study focusing on the artist hero in GDR literature. It is also an important contribution to a general understanding of GDR literature of the seventies. The book is written for students and teachers of contemporary German literature at the college and university levels, and for others interested in social and aesthetic trends in the GDR.