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The Return of the Gods

A Philosophical / Theological Reappraisal of the Writings of Ernest Becker


Prof. Frederick Sontag

This book contains reference to a number of Sontag's earlier articles on Becker. Becker won the Pulitzer Prize for writing The Denial of Death. His psychological/anthropological writings examined human nature and its tendency to religion. He proposed a self-made «hero religion», but his critique of the assumptions of modern social science equally make possible a return to traditional forms of religion: the return of the Gods.
Contents: Evil can be accounted for by an anthropology, Becker argues, but it must be acknowledged. Meaning in life must be restored, but this means satisfying the natural human religious instinct, Becker argues. Chapters explore Death, Alienation, and the Rebirth of Meaning. In spite of Becker's importance, no appraisal of his work has yet been published.