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Trinity and Marriage in Paul

The Establishment of a Communitarian Analogy of the Trinity Grounded in the Theological Shape of Pauline Thought


Earl C. Muller, S.J.

This work explores some of the resources within Christian tradition for the development of a communitarian analogy of the Trinity that is comparable in its theological usefulness to Augustine's psychological analogy. An extended analysis is made of the early Pauline letters demonstrating the theological coherence of Paul's understanding of the divine Triad and the marital community. This is followed by a careful examination of Augustine's analogical criteriology and the demonstration that the Pauline approach to community adequately satisfies all but the most problematic Neoplatonic Augustinian criteria.

«In time when biblical studies are undergoing a major 'paradigm shift' beyond exclusive use of historical critical studies to include other approaches more in sympathy with religious and theological concern for the Bible as the Church's Scripture, Muller's book provides a ground-breaking attempt to apply his fresh and insightful interpretation of Paul to important contemporary questions of marriage and community.» (William S. Kurz, S.J., Marquette University)
«... l'étude qu'en fait le professeur de 'Marquette University' apparaît remarquable, tant par la clarté d'un exposé qui met à la fois en oeuvre l'exégèse des écrits de Paul, la connaissance de la pensée augustinienne, les acquis de la sociologie contemporaine et la métaphysique thomiste, que par l'effort rigoureux de systématisation théologique qui la caractérise d'un bout à l'autre.» (X. Jacques, Nouvelle revue théologique)
«M. does get the reader's attention, and his main thesis proves attractive and in se has a great deal of validity. He is a thinker and diligently and conscientiously covers a vast amount of material.» (Robert F. O'Toole, S.J., Theological Studies)