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The Revolt of the Aesthetes

Ernesto Giménez Caballero and the Origins of Spanish Fascism


Douglas W. Foard

This volume with an introduction by Stanley G. Payne focuses upon the singular career of Ernesto Giménez Caballero (1899-1988), a central figure in Spanish cultural life during the twenties and a harbinger of the fascist movement which menaced the nation in the years that followed. Giménez Caballero was the celebrated editor of Madrid's Gaceta Literaria, a literary journal which fostered experimentation and introduced its readers to such figures as Federico Garcìa Lorca, the futurist Filippo Marinetti, and even Salvador Dalí. The Revolt of the Aesthetes seeks to link developments in the arts to the emergence of fascism in Spain. Its vehicle is Giménez Caballero, but its scope encompasses much of pioneering aesthetic thought in Europe in the wake of the Great War.