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Prisons and Visions

Pierre Unik's Journey from Surrealism into Marxism


Helen Schawlow

This innovative study of the works of Pierre Unik (1909-1945) guides the reader through the life and times of the poet-activist- journalist-screenwriter closely associated with the Surrealists.
Unik is primarily known through his association with some of the most celebrated writers, filmmakers, and artists of his time, including Luis Buñuel, André Breton, Louis Aragon, and Jean Renoir. Prisons and Visions considers Pierre Unik in his own right, his collaborations with the famous, as well as work unobscured by those luminaries with whom he was on close terms.
Contents: Pierre Unik - Surrealism - Collaboration with Luis Buñuel, Jean Renoir, Maxime Alexandre. Prison Poetry of World War. II. Holocaust.