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Historia de un malentendido


Leopoldo M. Bernucci

This book is written in Spanish.
Historia de un melentendido stands alone as the most comprehensive investigation on Mario Vargas Llosa's ambitious novel The War of the End of the World.
This rigorous study successfully combines careful reconstruction of the many historiographical sources with insightful literary commentary. Among the topics treated by Leopoldo M. Bernucci are the recreation of characters, biblical figurae, messianism and millenniarism, and the influence of Rebellion in the Backlands. Given the depth and breadth of critical inquiry, Historia de un malentendido will serve as an invaluable companion in the complex reading of The war of the End of the World.
Contents: Intertextuality. Biblical figurae - Messianism and Millenniarism - Middle Ages in northeastern Brazil - Onomastic transformations - Euclides da Cunha - Os sertÝes - The War of Canudos - Antonio Conselheiro - Anarchism - Dialogic novel - Brazilian history.