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Hero, Villain, Saint

An Adventure in the Experience of Individuality


Benjamin D. Wright and Annette M. Yonke

This gripping study of the inner struggle between personal ambition and social conscience explores the eternal conflict between the heroic «I» and the social «We». Religion, myth and biography guide us through the hero's life from extraordinary beginnings to triumph, vilification, defeat and resurrection. As the fascinating story unfolds, we realize its deep importance. The psychology of the hero's journey is our own. The hero's story is the story of our own inner life.
Contents: Chapter I: Young Oedipus - Chapter II: Hero, A Magnificent Birth, Planning Adventure, Venturing Forth, Slaying the Monster - Chapter III: Villain, Rumblings of Discontent, Building the Case, Assassination - Chapter IV: Saint, Resurrection, Political Ideal, Human Ideal - Chapter V: Old Caesar.