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Wordsworth and the Motions of the Mind


Gordon Kent Thomas

«Every great Poet is a Teacher; I wish to be considered as a Teacher or as nothing.» So wrote William Wordsworth in 1808. This book examines the poet's several methods and aims as a teacher in a variety of his poems; his trust in, and high expectations for, his reader's mental activity; and his part in a significant shift in artistic taste and awareness which still affects us all. It is a study of a great poet's lifelong effort, as he said, to «teach as Nature teaches» by setting the human mind in motion.
Contents: Wordsworth's determination to «teach as Nature teaches.» His confidence in the human mind and his constantly varying methods of posing intellectual challenges to readers. His role in shaping modern taste and criticism.
No previous critic has undertaken such an analysis of the poet's pedagogical philosophy and methods in the works of a very productive artistic lifetime.