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Literary Practice

Volume II: Esthetics of Style


Dushan Bresky

Applying the criteria of esthetic evaluation outlined in Literary Practice I, Bresky continues his trilogy with multilevel valuatory analysis of the writing techniques distinguishing literary art. Each chapter defines and illustrates stylistic elements categorized as semantic, rhetorical, macrorhetorical, prosodic, syntactic and compositional (macrosyntactic) stimuli. The main goal is to appraise the scope and power of their stimulative intensity. Bresky again collaborates with biometrist Miroslav Malik and invited Brian Gill to contribute the chapter on the esthetics of syntax. In recording reader responses, Malik uses new sensitive equipment reflecting the evolution of biometric methods. The results demonstrate the auxiliary role of biometric measurements in the assessment of elusive esthetic impact. With its «mini-anthology» of illustrative texts, the study can serve not only as a scholarly reference but also as a textbook in literature courses devoted to criticism, theory, or creative writing. The author is now completing Literary Practice III - Esthetics of Literary Subjects.
Contents: Stylistic stimuli in literature; their density and intensity. Esthetics of semantics, rhetoric, macrorhetoric, prosody, syntax and composition (macrosyntax).