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Prophet in Exile

Joseph Mazzini in England, 1837-1868


William Roberts

During his almost forty years of British exile, the Italian nationalist Joseph Mazzini was in contact with many of the leading figures of the age, British and foreign - including Mill and Carlyle, the Chartists, and exiles such as Marx, Herzen, and Bakunin. At this time Mazzini also wrote some of his most important works, including his major tome, The Duties of Man. He also closely followed the course of British radicalism while continuing his own program for Italian unification. This work analyses the effect of this exile on his writings and policies and his influence on the intellectual life of the period.
Contents: This work differs from standard biographies of Mazzini in that it concentrates on the exile and on analysing his writing during that period on such issues as nationalism, communism, utilitarianism, Chartism, the suffrage, the workers' movements, and positivism.