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Mathematical Problems in the Kinetic Theory of Gases

Proceedings of a Conference- Oberwolfach, May 20-26, 1979


Donald C. Pack and Helmut Neunzert

The kinetic theory of gases is a most fruitful field for mathematical research. This is evident from the multiplicity of mathematical methods used, the originality of the questions posed and the large number of hitherto unsolved fundamental problems. For example, the question of existence and uniqueness of solutions of various non-linear kinetic equations is still a wide open one. Simplified model equations and various approximations therefore assume considerable significance for the understanding of problem structure and for the solution of practical problems.
Contents: The book covers thematically and in method a wide area of mathematical research in the kinetic theory of gases. It contains 10 articles by the following renowned mathematicians and physicists: H. Spohn, H. Cabannes, M. Shinbrot, E. Horst, R. Kurth, M.H. Ernst, D.S. Butler, I. Kuscer, C. Cercignani and M.C. Reed.