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Mathematical Methods of Plasmaphysics

Proceedings of a Conference held in Oberwolfach, September 16-22, 1979


Rainer Kress and Joachim Wick

At the Conference in Oberwolfach organized by Prof. R. Kress and Prof. J. Wick questions on mathematical methods of plasmaphysics were being dealt with. This book contains the papers presented at this Conference by the following mathematicians and physicists: Klaus Elsässer, K. Graf Finck von Finckenstein, R.J. Gribben, E.J. Parkes, R. Keil, K. Knorr/M. Mond, S. Kuhn, H. Schamel, G. Spindler, B. Steffen, P. Vachenauer, J. Vogel, H.U. Schmidt/ R. Wegmann, J. Denavit, H. Neunzert/J. Wick, and Sh. Kaniel.