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Visionary Poetics

Essays on Northrop Frye's Criticism

Prof. Robert D. Denham and Thomas Willard

This collection contains eight essays on Northrop Frye's work: four examine the contexts of his criticism and four reflect on Anatomy of Criticism thirty years after its publication. Each of the essays focusses on an issue decidedly central to the critical vision Frye has developed over his long career. Frye's own contribution, which introduces the collection, foreshadows many of the themes of the other contributors. Written in the year of Frye's seventy-fifth birthday, the papers in this collection seek to recognize his achievement and to consider its place in the world of contemporary critical thought.
Contents: A collection of essays on the contexts of Northrop Frye's criticism and on the ways that his Anatomy of Criticism continues to be a source of insight for contemporary critics.