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Exploitation, Unequal Exchange and Dependency

A Dialectical Development


Paul O. Otubusin

There is no more central concept in contemporary Marxian theory than that of exploitation. Western analytical Marxists have refined and revised the concept. Third World theorists have extended it from class to country. Political regimes have drawn policy conclusions. Dr. Otubusin has constructed a framework within which to situate these developments, one which highlights the normative presuppositions of the various theorists. He has managed a synthesis of a vast amount of quite diverse literature and has offered a cogent critical analysis. Dr. Otubusin has «exploited» his training in both philosophy and political science to produce a compelling piece of work.
Contents: International economic relations; Economic Development; Capitalism - Developing Countries; Socialism - Developing Countries; Dependency; Developing Countries - dependency on foreign countries.
Graduate Level and Beyond: The book synthesizes the classical theory of exploitation, the theory of unequal exchange, and dependecy theory which no philosopher has examined methodologically from a philosophical perspective.