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The Presidential Succession of 1910

Translated by Thomas B. Davis


Thomas B. Davis

In 1908 Franciso I. Madero wrote to arouse his people to free themselves from the domination of the Díaz Administration by taking advantage of the opportunity afforded in the scheduled elections of 1910. His program voiced the rationale for the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917: Effective suffrage, No re-election. Now in a precise translation one may read the true story of Madero's political program - a milestone in Mexican History.
Contents: Reflections an Militarism and Democracy; Militarism in Mexico; General Díaz - his ambitions and his policy; Absolute power across the years; Absolute Power in Mexico; Where is General Díaz taking us? The National Democratic Party - Mexico's hope.
Francisco I. Madero wrote to arouse the Mexican people to overthrow the Díaz Administration that had governed since 1876. He succeeded, and no text equals its importance in Mexican History. Now available for the first time in English translation.