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Autour de Montaigne

Translated by William J. Beck


William J. Beck

The French critic and essayist, Roger Stéphane, has spent over forty years reading, thinking, and writing about Michel de Montaigne, (1533-1592). In his Autour de Montaigne, Stéphane shares with his readers his interpretations, his insight, and his sensitivity to the French Renaissance essayist and thinker. He bases his discussion on what Montaigne says in his Essais, putting to rest thereby a number of myths that have swirled around this controversial writer. Dr. William J. Beck's translation, the first in English, makes Stéphane's masterful study accessible to a wider audience.
Contents: This study treats the clash of cultural/esthetic/religious ideas in 16th century France. Erasmus, the Protestant Reformation, the discovery of the New World with the possible existence of cannibals are the backdrop for an examination of the ideas in Montaigne's Essays.