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The Impact of Sociology of Law on Government Action

Proceedings of a Conference on Sociology of Law, Saarbrücken, Federal Republic of Germany - September, 5th-8th, 1977


This report focuses upon the relationship between government action and research in the field of Sociology of Law. This topic is treated within a general theoretical framework as well as in respect to a number of specific areas of current legal policies. The book centres upon the function and conception of Sociology of Law in relation to government action.
The positions presented in these proceedings range from a technocratic to a critical model. Moreover, due to their origin in different political camps, the contributions represent the current state of international research in this field.
Contents: The impact of Research in the Sociology of Law on Government Action - Local Legal Systems as a Research Object - KOL Inquiries and their Impact on Government Action - Aspects of Interrelation between Law and Policy as a Problem of Sociological Research - Criminal Law Policy - Family Policy - Fiscal/Economic Policy.