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A Rotten Way to Be Wounded

The Tragicomedy of "The Sun Also Rises</I>


Wolfgang E. H. Rudat

A Rotten Way to Be Wounded: The Tragicomedy of 'The Sun Also Rises' is the kind of close textual study of The Sun Also Rises that Hemingway scholars have recently been calling for. Careful textual analysis and an exploration of Hemingway's use of literary allusion as a narrative technique combine to offer many unorthodox and thought-provoking interpretations of character portrayal, narrative movement, and plot. While the ideas presented may be bold and innovative, this is a well-documented, scholarly work which will provide many points of departure for others trying to read between the lines of Hemingway's deceptively simple prose.
Contents: The Sun's Literary-Critical History - War Wounds and Allusions to Tristram Shandy - Greek Myth Adaptation - Allusions to The Great Gatsby - Brett's Problems, the Falstaffian Mike and Other Lovers - Recibiendo Technique and the Influence of Hamlet - Bill Gorton and the Therapeutic Nature of Jokes.