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German-English Bilingual Schools in America

The Cincinnati Tradition in Historical Context


Carolyn R. Toth

Educators, researchers, and parents interested in past and present foreign language learning opportunities will applaud this far-reaching account of German-English bilingual schools from the 1690s to the 1990s. The study focuses on Cincinnati, birthplace of the first public German bilingual school system in 1840, and the city to launch German bilingual education for monolingual English-speaking pupils in 1974. The Cincinnati model is a proven equalizer in education, with pupils from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds scoring in the top percentiles on standardized achievement tests. This book provides not only a wealth of information for scholars, but a source of ammunition for all advocates of foreign language learning.
Contents: History of private and public German-English bilingual schools in America, including schools of German religious sects and denominations. Focus in modern period on Cincinnati, but also discusses schools in Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and present-day Hutterite & Amish parochial schools.