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Yves Thériault, Master Storyteller


M. G. Hesse

Yves Thériault, Master Storyteller is the first comprehensive analytical and critical introduction in English to the works of one of French-Canada's most versatile authors. Individual chapters discuss the life of Thériault (1915-1983), the literary milieu of his period and the critical reception of a writer who prided himself on his independence as an artist. «A Master Storyteller» features short stories essential to the understanding of Thériault's philosophy. «The Burden of Transgression» focuses on the author's major plays and early novels wherein the outsider is established as a major figure. Aaron and Le Dernier Havre prompt the discussion for «Troubled Quest for Identity». Thériault's portrayal of Canada's native peoples includes some of his most memorable characters, such as Ashini, N'Tsuk and Agaguk. The conclusion is devoted to Thériault's role in Canadian literature and his appeal to his readers due to his advocacy of harmony with nature and oneself.
Contents: A critique of Thériault's literary works. The Master Storyteller is innovative in the portrayal of Canada's multicultural mosaic and promotes a vision of life in harmony with nature and the self.