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Nights on the Heights

Translated by Giovanni R. Busino

Giovanni R. Bussino

Nights on the Heights is the second of a trilogy of novels published by Bonaviri from the late sixties to the early seventies - all dealing with exploratory travel, incredible pursuits and strange adventures. Written in an inimitable style, in a language at once archaistic and ultramodern, lyrical and prosaic, this unusual work stands out prominently in the panorama of contemporary Italian narration. Although set primarily in and around Mineo, Sicily - the navel of the author's universe or, as he once called it, his «observatory» - the action spreads radially to other, sometimes distant locations, extending also into the realms of mythology. A cornucopia of true and imagined realities, of ancient and modern philosophy, of primitive and futuristic science, this absorbing, unclassifiable novel now appears in English for the first time.