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Pathways to a More Satisfying Life


William Gerber

This book is a user-friendly compendium of brilliant and elegant answers, crafted by sages throughout the centuries, to vital questions about how we actually live and how we might live more advantageously, for ourselves and others as well.
This book covers paramount human problems, such as: What is this life of ours really like, and is it possible that we might live our lives in more satisfying ways? What is it, after all, that is basically good, and how can I get it - and give it? What is the role of good fortune and misfortune in our lives, and what can we do about it?
Highlighting the most memorable answers to such questions, the book also correlates and illuminates these answers.
Contents: Compendium, with comments of elegantly expressed views of great thinkers and writers on good and evil, virtues and vices, and joys and sorrows.